11: Lesson Planning – Summary – strengths and weaknesses

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 11: Lesson Planning – Summary – strengths and areas to be worked on.

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook
Coaching for Performance

The summary is possibly the most important part of any lesson – a lesson where a good amount of learning has taken place can be undone by dwelling too long on a couple of mistakes. Motivating the customer to take their learning out of the training car and into their own life must be your number one goal, as this will mean that when they next get in the car, they are ready and eager to learn again.

Setting ‘homework’ needs to be handled sensitively, and according to your customer’s style of learning. It can be anything from reading a chapter of a driving book, encouraging good habits in private practice, to researching the answer to specific problems on the internet. A well run action plan, agreed, carried out, and followed up by the instructor and the learner can greatly reduce problems during later sessions.

Discussion Points:
The Positive
Creating awareness of problems
The customer’s ownership of how to progress
The Action Plan for the next lesson

With your trainer you will role-play summarising lessons which have gone well, and lessons which have proved problematic. Your trainer will provide you with a picture of how the lesson went.

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