4×4 Training Course Presentation and Materials

This is the presentation and materials written for the 1 day 4×4 Familiarisation course and was the first one to be approved by Lantra for previously untrained operators, and intentionally focussed on the higher risk road use of 4x4s during winter and adverse weather driving.

This course was always run with on-road practical driving content, with particular attention paid to planning and the use of space and time. The driving standards on road and, where applicable, off-road, were assessed with clear criteria that candidates were expected to meet – if you would like copies of these, please get in touch.

These resources are not intended to replace effective training with a qualified and experienced instructor – contact me if you’re looking to run training and I’ll be more than happy to recommend a suitable trainer.

The course has since been updated, but I thought that it would be worth publishing this version so that people could see the detail and success criteria which should be involved in even a simple one day course:

4×4 Familiarisation and Adverse Weather – Powerpoint presentation (pdf format)

ABS film – to be used with powerpoint

Traction Control Film – to be used with powerpoint

Stability Control Film – to be used with powerpoint

4×4 familiarisation course handout – candidate handout

Safe Working Practices for 4×4 training – to be read in conjunction with RA1 below

RA 1 4×4 On and Off-Road Driving Courses– 4×4 training course (and operation) risk assessment.

4×4 Checklist – familiarisation checklist

4×4 Familiarisation Question Paper – final assessment question paper

If you have any queries about how to use these, or if you are a qualified ADI and 4×4 instructor who would like copies of the resources to use, please get in touch.

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