2: Phone enquiries and professional introductions

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 2: From phone enquiry to professional introductions.

Research Material:
The DSA ADI Code of Practice
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

From the moment you pick up the phone on an enquiry you are promoting your business, and your reputation. Be sure about what you need to find out, and what information you need to give. Find out about your customer’s requirements, and tailor what you do towards them, remember that this is not about you!

Discussion Points:
Information needed from the phone call:

Where is the first pick up?
If not at home – find out why.

Meet them at their door (where possible)
Your ID and who you are
Confirming lesson duration and drop off point
Positive first impressions

Make up a sheet to be kept by the phone in which all relevant information can be recorded.
Your trainer will roleplay some phone calls, included the dreaded “how much for an hour?” call!
You will collect your trainer (in role as a customer) for a training session.

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