54: ADI Check Tests

Originally published on Beyond Driving.

This unit is out of date due to the introduction of the Standards Check.

Unit 54: The check test

Within your first year as a qualified ADI (hopefully within the first 6 months) you will receive a letter from the DSA asking you to undertake a check test. During the check test (which lasts 1 hour), you will either be observed giving a lesson to a customer, or if you decide to take a role-play check test, you will give an hours lesson to a “customer” role-played by the supervising examiner.

The role play check test will involve you deciding which of the following scenarios you would like to teach to your “new customer”:

A remedial lesson
Mirrors and a manoeuvre
Pass Plus module
Dual carriageways and open roads
Meet, cross, overtake, anticipation pedestrian crossings
Advanced/fleet drivers
Extended, disqualified drivers

Whether you decide on roleplay or taking one of your own customers, you need to plan effectively for the check test. Using the self assessment forms from earlier, you can go back through your training and make sure that you are up to date with your methods and that bad habits haven’t crept in.

With this first check test, you can be graded E (eductational – this would be a fail at part 3), 4, 5 or 6.

If you are not up to standard, you will need to work hard as you will receive another check test within 3 months, and if still not up to standard, you will have a check test with a regional examiner. If you fail this third check test you can be removed from the register.

If you get a grade 4, you will probably be called for your next check test in around 2 years. With a grade 5 or 6 you will be called within 4 years.

It is well worth coming back to your trainer whenever you have a check test due.

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