9: Lesson Planning – Main Points

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 9: Lesson Planning – Main Points

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook
The PST Sheets
Lesson Presenter

The Main Points of any lesson will be the items which are necessary to be covered before practice can begin. This can be hard to judge, but when prioritising what needs to be talked about remember that safety is the number one issue.

Discussion Points:
Bullet Points
Must Know – not ‘might need to’ know
Breaking down an action into its constituent parts
Practising this with a common skill
Creating a bank of ‘must know’ information for different skills

Write a bullet point list of main points to be covered in relation to the following subjects as if they are to attempted for the first time:
Meeting Situations
Reverse Parking
Progress and Hesitation
Pedestrian Crossings
You will role-play conveying these main points with your trainer.

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