Evidence Based Driver Training

It was once a common feature of the Internet that you had to take everything with a pinch of salt. Thankfully some sites are now relatively trustworthy.

For example:

The TRL Library

DfT Road Casualty Stats

Just having a quick flick through those three will get you thinking. It may also make you irritated and bored, or it may make you wish you could redesign STATS19 so you could prove that 4x4s are actually a much higher risk than company cars…

I started this ‘evidence based’ journey a while ago. It seemed so simple. All I had to do was find the statistics that the press releases were based on, and I’d be sorted….

It’s not that simple though. Especially if you’re not a mathematician.

Keep an open mind and, before you say anything, bear in mind you may be asked to prove it.
Evidence Based Driver Training“I need stats. Lots of stats….”

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