Lantra insist 4×4 trainers must be ADIs

(This article originally appeared on another website in August 2011.)

Lantra-Awards are currently working towards the goal of having all of their 4×4 instructors qualified as DSA ADIs. This will ensure their legality as well as their competence. At Beyond Driving we have insisted that all of our trainers be DSA ADIs since we formed in 2006. We are still the only national 4×4 training provider who guarantee to only provide DSA ADIs on all category B training courses.

4×4 Instructors will be qualified to higher standards

August 2011:

In an email from Lantra to all 4×4 trainers on Friday 12th August 2011, we have been informed that Lantra have now decided that all of their 4×4 instructors will need to be DSA registered ADIs. Quoting section 123 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 (and specifically its application ‘…to off road tuition’), they have asked all of their 4×4 trainers, as well as ATV trainers to either provide them with their current ADI registration details, or to give information about whether they intend to undertake the training and stringent DSA examinations in order to qualify for the Register of Driving Instructors.

As far as we know, Lantra are the first and only nationally recognised training body for 4×4 vehicles who have insisted that all of their instructors comply with the legislation. Lantra are determined that all of their trainers will be both legal and competent.

As we have been working with all of the parties to bring the 4×4 training industry in line with the legislation, we give Lantra our full support in what has been a difficult decision. We have lobbied both Lantra and the DSA to give a definite and clear message on trainer legality both to instructors and clients over the last few years. We are very glad that our efforts have finally been acknowledged.

We understand that many organisations may not be able, for economic or other reasons, to train all of their 4×4 instructors to a standard where they can pass the ADI registration examinations. This may mean that the cost of 4×4 training increases, due to reduced numbers of trainers as well as higher qualification standards required.

We intend to provide trainers with the highest qualifications, most experience and a determination to provide the best professional training achievable, while remaining competitively priced. For example, at the time of writing, the cost for the 2 day Lantra Professional Off-Road Driving course for 3 candidates at our venue in Cumbria is £1000. This includes hire of the 300 acre off road site, conference room, lunches and refreshments as well as the Lantra certification (upon achieving the required standard). Cost per candidate – less than £350. Our main trainer in Cumbria is a Lantra Approved 4×4 and ATV trainer, a DSA registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), a SAFED commercial vehicle fuel efficient defensive driving trainer, DSA registered Fleet Driver Trainer and he holds the NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety and is trained in First Aid. He has trained the NHS, the military, police, national park rangers, coastguards and personnel from national and multi-national industry – even the occasional farmer has been through the course and found it useful!

Why should you expect anything less?

2012 UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to pressure from some trainers and training providers who are not currently using DSA ADIs for their training, Lantra-Awards have decided not to implement the following process. We feel that they have missed an opportunity to bring occupational 4×4 training up to date and into the professional world. For a bit more information have a look at the 4×4 Instructor Training article, and the DSA Statement on the Legality of 4×4 Trainers.

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