25: Core Competencies – Remedial Action

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 25: Core Competencies – Remedial Action

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

The end result. The cure – make it a lasting one!

“Remedial Action
This relates to offering constructive and appropriate action or advice to remedy a fault or error that has been identified and analysed.” – From the examiner’s marking guidelines (ADI1)

Remedial Action – How? – SOLVE IT!

This is the most important bit!

You need to agree on what the problem was (fault ID), and why it happened (fault analysis), and then you need to instruct them in how to ensure it doesn’t happen again (remedial action). This may be as simple as ensuring they check their speedometer when going down hill, or starting their MSPSL routine a touch earlier.
You will need to identify what kind of a problem it is:

A knowledge problem can be simply cured, but may have underlying attitude problems.

A skill problem will often need detailed instruction and practise, but may also have underlying attitude problems.

An attitude problem alone can be interesting to solve! You will need to find out why they are doing something when they know they shouldn’t, and are capable of avoiding.

Discussion Points:
Fixing Knowledge Problems
Fixing Skill Problems
Fixing Attitude Problems

Your trainer will role-play different customers with the same problem – speeding. You will need to assess whether it is a knowledge, skill or attitude problem, and put in a place a course of action based on this assessment.

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