26: Core Competences – Combining Knowledge, Skill & Attitude

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 26: Core Competencies – Combining Knowledge, Skill and Attitude

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

“In this section the assessment is of all faults over the whole lesson and not individual faults. For example, some explanations may be correct, some incorrect. The rating given depends on the balance of correct to incorrect.” – From the examiner’s marking guidelines (ADI1).

Being able to find a fault, work out why it happened, and carry through an action plan which solves it, is one of the most satisfying things an instructor can do. It is not always easy to be able to remember each stage in turn, but when you have practiced them individually, putting them together starts to make sense of the whole.

Moving Off
Turn in the road
Meeting situations
Approaching Roundabouts
Parking safely

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