4: Learning Styles – Think, Research, Observe, Try

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 4: Learning Styles – Think, Research, Observe, Try.

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook – Chapter 8 Rote and Gestalt
Coaching for Performance

The Thinker (Reflectors):
Thinkers like to think things through. They often like to watch others doing an activity before trying it themselves.

The Researcher (Theorists):
The Researcher will want to understand the theory behind something before they have a go.

The Observer (Pragmatists):
The Observer wants to relate their learning to real life. They better understand a theory when they can see an example of it in practise.

The Tryer (Activists):
The tryer will prefer to get stuck in. They understand an activity by trying it out for themselves. They can often become impatient with theory. (And yes, we know that ‘tryer’ isn’t a real word!)

Discussion Points:
Learning by Repetition (Rote)
Learning by Understanding (Gestalt)
Understanding learning types
The Thinker (Reflectors)
The Researcher (Theorists)
The Observer (Pragmatists)
The Tryer (Activists)
Briefings, Demonstrations, Practise and Homework.
“What I hear – I forget, what I see – I remember, what I do – I understand.”
Pass on the Knowledge – in the way they will absorb it
Assist in developing the Skill – so that they are capable of it
Re-enforcing the Attitude – in a way that they will remember it
Can you teach the way they learn?

All learning will involve some aspect of both Rote and Gestalt learning, depending on the customer’s learning type.
Write a few notes on how you would approach the following subjects with each learning type (thinker, researcher, observer, tryer):
Clutch control
Signalling at roundabouts
Recognition and reaction to road signs and markings

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