5: Recapping previous experience with a new customer

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 5: Recapping previous experience with a new customer – course planning.

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

Many customers will come to you with previous driving experience, and will tell you what they have done. Many will say they have never driven before, but there can be a huge difference between 2 customers who say they are at test standard – one may be giving their opinion, possibly based on an assumption that you only need 10 lessons before you go to test, another may be excellent, and is only changing instructors because their instructor has retired.

Recapping is crucial for lessons in real life and exam situations. Never let a customer drive in a busy area whatever they tell you! You should drive them to a safe area first. On an exam or check test, the first thing the examiner sees of your skills is your recap.

Some customers will tell you they have never driven before, but there will be a huge difference between the lad whose father is a police driver, and has spent the last year riding a moped, and the lad who has lived in London for most of his life, using public transport, and has never been in the front seat of a car.

This is a great opportunity to start to judge how you will approach their learning. Find out what they already know and move on from there.

Discussion Points:
Riding experience – cycles and motorbikes
Passenger experience
Crossover skills from job or study
Mechanical experience
Other areas from which to draw experience?
Teaching from the Known to the Unknown
How experience has shaped Knowledge (cognition)
How experience has shaped Skills (psychomotor)
How experience has shaped Attitude (affective)
Picking up on (and working to overcome) worries and fears

Your trainer will role-play 2 very different customers for you to assess.

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