6: Lesson Planning – Structure and Timings – ROMPS

Warning – this unit was last revised in 2007

Unit 6: Lesson Planning – Structure and Timings. ROMPS

Research Material:
The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

“Covers the planned and actual sequence of instruction/activity together with the appropriateness and effectiveness of teaching methods used taking due account of the difficulty/complexity of the content covered and progress of the pupil. Includes the allocation of time between training activities and methods used such as the distribution between theory and practice.” – From the examiner’s marking guidance (ADI1).

Each part of a lesson should follow a structure. Simply “driving around” is a waste of everyone’s time. This is an overview of the next 5 units.

None of the timings for these things should be strictly adhered to, but if big changes are made, or if things run over time on a regular basis there should be a reason for this – a change of plan, and this should be communicated clearly.

Compare these timings to how your trainer structured your part 2 training.

Discussion Points:
Recap – Previous lessons and experience relevant to the lesson
New subject – 1 Minute
Old subject – 3 Minutes, to include some discussion on problems encountered when previously covered

Objectives – SMART
1 Minute

Main Points – Depending on the lesson and previous experience
5 Minutes – Partly Trained – New Subject, talking through the most important aspects of the lesson
20 Minutes – Beginner, for example explaining all of the controls

Practise – Targeted and effective
15-45 minutes depending on subject.

Summary – Strengths and Weaknesses – Action Plan
5 Minutes

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